Need an Accounts at ICS and/or LIS Lab

Standard procedure for ICS 100-level Lab Accounts:

Accounts are automatically generated for all sections of ICS 101, 110 and 111. They are handed out to the TA's individually. TA's If you have not received a form with accounts, please submit a ticket. Lab account contracts are required to be filled out by everyone receiving a generated account. 

NOTE: If an account was given out and the user does not have a lab account contract filled out, the account will be disabled. 

ICS 200 and above:

Students need to fill this form and submit to POST317.

Teacher Assistants Lab Accounts: 

Pick up a Form at POST317 or download and print(double sided), this form. Once completed, submit to POST317 

Standard procedure for LIS Lab Accounts:

Pick up a copy at the LIS Main Office on the ground floor of Hamilton Library or download and print this form (double sided). Once completed submit to main office. 


Please submit your forms in advance and allow a few days for accounts to become active. 


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